Monday, July 13, 2009

Ben's Family

As mentioned in an earlier post, we spent the last half of our trip with Ben's family.
It's our tradition to eat lunch at Los Cuatro Amigos on Sundays after church when we are in town. My dad and Jean joined us because Ben preached the morning service so they came to Saginaw to hear him. And of course Chris and Dave join us. It wouldn't seem right without them there. Andrew, Ben, Michael (tough guy) and Sarah
The wives join in

Whatever I was doing to get Owen to smile had him cracking up!

Dinner Time (Amanda's mom was in town visiting too)

"Ga-ma" Owen knows the name of every cousin, uncle, aunt and grandparent.

"Papa" and Owen listening to Daddy

Owen had a blast with his uncles. He calls Michael, "M" but unfortunately for "M," Owen ADORES, "Dew." The first couple of days after we got home he kept saying, "Mama, where Dew? I want Dew."