Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Little Tiger

Have I mentioned before what a Daddy's boy my son is? He imitates everything Ben does! If Ben crosses his arms, Owen crosses his. If Ben lays down, Owen lays down. If Ben is running, Owen is running. You get the idea. Not only does he copy his daddy, but he's also very much like his daddy. They both love cereal. They both like popcorn. They both beg to have their backs scratched. They both enjoy reading. They both like to listen to music and sing. They both like to compete - at anything.
Owen has been soaking up the extra time with Daddy this summer. When they are not together Owen asks me a thousand times during the day, "Where Daddy?" He often asks to call Ben on the phone and frequently we go see him while he's at work. As we drive over to Ben's work place Owen repeats over and over again, "DADDDDYY! I coming!" Ben is very clearly Owen's best friend.
Tonight we had the rare opportunity to see the Detroit Tigers play on T.V (not that it was a very good game). Owen was thrilled to be able to stay up late with Daddy to watch the game and munch on popcorn.


Shelby said...

Very Cute Pictures! That is so cute everything that Owen does to copy his Daddy!
Gracelyn is also a Daddy's Girl as soon as she wakes up in the morning she is yelling for her Daddy and then all day I hear " Daddy work? " Until he arrives home. They are so much fun!

TraceyLD said...

What great pictures of your guys together! I'm off to make some popcorn. Thanks to your post I'm hungry for some.

Sarah Glupker said...

Awwww...he's a cute little Tiger (Owen that is).
Love the Tigers shirt. O-bug, Aunt Sarah's hair is now curly, and when she wears a hat it kind of looks like Magglio Ordonez...before he apparently cut off his locks.
You're gonna be a fun big brother!!