Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm looking for some input. Ben and I would like to purchase a catechism to use with Owen so that we can begin teaching him doctrine and Biblical truth. If we ask him, "Owen, who made you?" He quickly responds, "GOD did!" But obviously there is a lot more to learn!
I know I have a lot of great mommy-friends who are probably already using catechisms. What do you recommend? Truth and Grace Memory Book was suggested to me by one friend. Have any of you used it? I know there are lots of different books out there so any input you have would be appreciated.


Tricia said...

We use My First Book of Questions and Answers by Carine Mackenzie. We like it, but I haven't looked into others extensively.

Diana Oedy said...

I have been wanting to get one for Lana as well. She knows, "God made me," "I am so wonderfully made" and a few simple ones like that. I know Sharon Wilson and Anna Sauls already have them and really like them. I am not sure what they are using, but just wanted to let you know because I am not sure either of them do much blogging, so you can ask them.

Kelly Glupker said...

Anna uses Truth and Grace Memory Book. I've looked at her copy and it seems fine. They are really cheap so that is a bonus.

I've had some other friends recommend that one as well. Thanks for mentioning it.

Alicia said...

Ditto on Tricia's recommendation.

Don't be afraid to alter the questions though -- we found some of the questions a bit too challenging for Chloe so we used the book as a jumping off point and wrote our own.

Matt & Nicki said...

Ditto to Alicia and Tricia, that is what we are using with our kids as well. I believe I first heard about it b/c Shannon Connely mentioned it on her blog.

S said...

We use the Carine McKenzie's book (s) there are 2 others in the series too. We also like Big Truths for Little Kids (although Esther at 3 is just now ready for it). It incorporates the catechism at the beginning of each story. I also Like the Gospel for Children by John Leuzarder. Another we are hoping to add is by Bruce Ware Big Truths for Young Hearts. You are probably familiar with him being at Southern, but we were so blessed listening to an interview with them on Revive our Hearts about teaching your children theology.