Sunday, July 19, 2009

33 Week Update

As of a week ago my blood pressure is still low, I have not lost any protein and have a total weight gain of 10 pounds, which can only mean one thing, NO SWELLING! YEAH!!! I am so thankful! I go back to the doctor at 35 weeks and will then be seen every week until I deliver. By this point in my pregnancy with Owen the swelling had already begun but I did not get preeclampsia until 35 weeks. It came on very fast in my case. I went from healthy to 'deliver now!' in just a matter of days. While I know that at any point things can change direction, I am very thankful that so far things have gone smoothly.
Owen is now very aware that there is a baby in Mama's belly.


Gina said...

You're looking GREAT, Kelly! So cute, happy, and healthy looking! Glad to hear that your pregnancy is going so smoothly!

party of eight said...

kelly you do look great! i always dreamed of looking like that as a pregnant lady, but i looked like a chubby tank instead! - amazing, only 10 lbs. Praise the Lord no signs of preclampsia yet. i will be praying for you!

Alicia said...

You look amazing, Kelly! Praise God for keeping you and sustaining your health! Praying the last five weeks go smoothly!

Anonymous said...

Looking great cuz! I love how it looks like the baby is resting on owens head!!!! Hope to see you again soon! Allison

Shelby said...

You look great Kelly, Hope the rest of the Pregnancy goes great!

Kara said...

How in the world have you gained only 10 lbs???? I had Rachel at 32 wks and had already gained 30. We, too, keep praying your health stays great!
I LOVE your dress.

Kelly Glupker said...

Your next pregnancy could be totally different! (this one is very different for me)

I have no idea how I've only gained 10 pounds. With Owen I had gained 30 pounds by 30 weeks and ended up gaining a total of 60 pounds. Of course half of that was probably swelling, but still. My dr. asked if I was sticking to some sort of diet, and honestly, I'm eating whatever I want.

Thanks for the prayers everyone!