Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dare Devil

We spent a few hours as a family at the pool today before Ben had to leave to go study for the day/night. We had a really good time, especially Owen. He would walk out into the "deep" end until he was on his tip toes and barely above water. He got very upset whenever we tried to help him. He even went under water several times (sometimes purposefully), but he loved it.

It's getting deeper!
You can't tell from this angle, but Owen is throwing a bit of a fit because Ben is trying to help him. Notice that he can barely touch, but he still doesn't want help.
"I can do this myself."
Daddy said it was time to go. Owen begged to stay. "I want to go back there!"


Karen said...

Wow! Daredevil is right!
He doesn't mind going underwater?

Shelby said...

How Cute!! He must be a Daredevil to want to go under water without anyone around him! They are for sure Independent at this age!
How have you been feeling? You look great.