Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun with the Fam

My sister and her four children came to visit us while my brother-in-law was away on a hunting trip. And to make the weekend even better, my brother and his girlfriend surprised the daylights out of me by showing up here too - all the way from Pensacola, Florida! The weekend was short but we filled it up and had a great time!

All the cousins: Cole 6, Brenden 5, Brooklyn 3, Owen 2, Carson 1, Aubrey 3 weeks
"So, you're the one who is going to take my place as the youngest in the family, uh?"

"Are you my Uncle Korey?"
Uncle Korey and Aunt Sharon with all the kiddos
Brotherly Love
You'd laugh too if you could see Ben at this moment
It's not very often that the three of us get to hang out together but we sure love it when we can!
Aunt Kimmie
The lions at our Zoo are typically sleeping in the grass and are quite boring to look at it. However, the day we went to the Zoo they were very active! I had never before heard a lion roar in real life, but these guys were roaring up a storm! Owen is still talking about.
Uncle Korey with Aubrey
The kids loved holding Aubrey
Brenden constantly wanted to hold her
Aunt Sharon


Pam said...

The picture of Carson staring down Aubrey is my personal favorite.
Isn't family the BEST?? So glad you got to spend time with your sis and your brother.

Sarah Glupker said...

FUN had by all! Looks like a great weekend. A few comments...

Aubrey and Carson need to get the scoop on doing "the wave."
Owen's sporting the Tigers shirt...way to go buddy (as if you had a choice in the matter)!
Like the look, Korey...wear it proud.
I think you three siblings actually LIKE each other...imagine that!
Kim, you're da' WOMAN bringing 4 kids down to KY by yourself..know that took some work.
What a cool pic of the lions...are they Owen's new favorite?