Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parent Child Dedication

Today at our church, Ben and I publicly dedicated ourselves to raising our daughter for the Lord Jesus Christ. We made this same committment with Owen when he was born. We pray that God will use our children as He sees fit and that they will live to the glory of God and for His Kingdom. Our family: Owen 2 years old, Aubrey 9 days old
I had to snap a photo of Aubrey's shoes because she will never wear them again.

Can you tell Owen is praying?


Pam said...

Kelly you look great!
I ooohed and ahhhed over those shoes. Too cute :)
You have a very beautiful family. God has blessed you.

Wild Ghese said...


nate, christina, and connor said...

ok, girl... you look sickeningly good. sickening. :) and those little shoes are just darling.

Sarah Glupker said...

Yes! Owen is praying :)
Love the little white shoes on those cute little feetsies.
If my eyes do not betray me, I believe in that close up of the feet there is a bracelet someone with good taste bought for you, Kel. Looks good...
What a special day! So glad you and Ben are dedicated to teaching Owen and Aubrey to walk in Truth.

XOOX Aunt Sarah

Kara said...

How wonderful. Thank you for your example to us all.
And yes, the SHOES!!! Just darling. :)