Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aubrey's First Zoo Trip

Ben's parents joined me in taking the kids to the zoo when Aubrey was one week old. Of course, Aubrey slept through the whole thing and it wasn't long before I noticed that Owen was acting sluggish too. Turns out, he had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

I didn't even have to push a stroller!

Owen LOVES giraffes, until they get too close for comfort


Alicia said...

Ok, you are officially super mom!!! One week old baby and you choose to go to the zoo instead of nap?!? Wow, please bottle that energy and send me some. :)

Chloe had hand, foot & mouth. Thankfully there's no pain involved, just a virus that goes away. The name makes it sound so much worse than it really is, eh?

Kelly Glupker said...

Owen didn't have a hard time with HFM disease at all! But I've heard others say that there kids were in so much pain from the blisters in their mouth that they couldn't or wouldn't eat. THankfully I didn't have to deal with any of that!
And, I do love to nap, but I have a two year old to entertain. I admit I do feel great! I went shopping and out to eat the day I left the hospital. I think it is a perk of a drug free delivery.