Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Festival

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary hosted their annual Fall Festival Night for all of the seminary students and their families. The weather was absolutely perfect for such a night full of outdoor fun and activities. There was live entertainment, rides, food, games and a great firework show celebrating the seminary's 150th anniversary. The best part was it was all FREE. Ben's parents were able to join us. I think my father-in-law enjoyed the food the best. All you can eat hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn, peanuts, pop, candy, chocolate covered bananas - you get the idea. It was like being at the fair except you didn't have to pay a dime. Owen's initial reaction to the fireworksThen he became a little more brave. (They played the Hallelujah chorus during the fireworks - very cool!)
There were a lot of people this year! Last year we had terrible weather so there wasn't nearly as big of a turn out.
It was so much fun to walk around and run into so many of our friends.

Owen loves giraffes
This was the day he started to show signs of being sick (we discovered he had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease). He wasn't acting like himself, but Owen still had lots of fun.
Watching the bike show.
I was very impressed by what these guys can do on their bikes! Apparently they performed during half time at a recent Green Bay Packers Football game.
We absolutely love this seminary and are so thankful God led us here!


Alicia said...

What an amazing activity! I can't get over that it's all free! I would have scarfed down lots of free food like your father-in-law too. :)