Saturday, October 17, 2009

Family Fun Day at SBTS

Today was Family Fun Day at the Seminary. Normally it is held outdoors but because of the cold weather it was moved to the gym. It's a nice time for little ones to get out and play games and have a good time. We went with our good friends, Diana and her two kids Nathan and Lana. Diana's husband is a seminary student as well and because our husbands are typically at work or school we do a lot of things together. It works out great! They also live right below us. They have a baby six weeks older than Aubrey and their daughter is six months older than Owen. They are great buddies! The Bounce House
Playing ball - he's practicing so he can beat Uncle Drew on the court some day
Cookie Walk
They are both winnersThe duck pond, or whatever this game is called. Owen is no dummy. He just kept picking up ducks until he found a winner. Although later in the day I caught him crawling ACROSS the pool. He was soaked!Bean Bag Toss. It didn't take long for Owen to find a short cut to getting the bag in the holeWhat's the point in standing way back here when you can just walk right over to the hole and put it in?Face Painting


chris k said...

He's getting to be such a big boy. Practicing basketball to beat the uncles and then figuring out how to be a winner every time one plays a game...he's a smart one, that Owen. Enjoy those two little ones.

Alicia said...

Man, your seminary seems to really promote family activities -- what a huge blessing that must be! Looks like a wonderful memory-making day!

Chloe just recently started to actually try and throw beanbags in those games. Up until recently she did the same as Owen and walked right up to the hole. :) Kids are no dummies!

Sarah Glupker said...

Silly Owen....Either swim naked or put on some swim trunks first big guy!!
Looks like you had fun with your friends. I should like to try the Bounce house sometime I think...

Aunt Sarah