Wednesday, October 07, 2009

For the Love of Letters

Owen's latest fascination is with letters and words. He often asks us to write particular letters, especially "W", which is obviously his favorite. He also asks us to write the names of people in our family, from Grandma and Grandpa to aunts and uncles to cousins to our immediate family. He also constantly identifies letters, whether on your shirt or the big "O" that is the Target sign or the letters in the words running across the news ticker on the bottom of the TV screen. His newest trick involves spelling the letters in his own name.


TraceyLD said...

Great job Owen!
I love the ability we have to see pictures and video. It makes me feel like I know Owen although I have only seen him a few time.
Thanks for posting.
I haven't put any pictures on FB yet. I haven't asked Steve to help me figure it out.

Chris said...

Ben and Kelly, you sure have a cute kid! He appears to be smart like his parents. :)