Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Growing Up Quick

It's hard to believe that Aubrey is already two months old! Yesterday she had a Well Baby visit with our pediatrician, who I love.
Weight: 12 pounds 13.5 ounces (96th Percentile)
Height: 23.75 inches (90th percentile)
I'm so thankful that my daughter is happy, healthy and well rested! She is now consistently sleeping 12 hours a night. Her happiest times are in the morning when she smiles and coos.
Owen had to have a shot yesterday too. I told him what was going to happen and that it was going to hurt but that he could handle it. He was a bit nervous but was SO tough! He barely cried at all and then comforted Aubrey while she had to have her shots. What a blessing it is that he is so good to his little sister. We are now done with potty training. It only took a few weeks and he is now diaper free (except at bedtime).
I thoroughly enjoy watching my children reach these big milestones. I love being a mom and wouldn't want to be spending my days doing anything else!