Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caught in the Act

I made a dozen little brownies the other day. Owen wanted one, but not bad enough to finish his dinner. Fast forward a couple of hours to bedtime. His teeth are brush, jammies are on, face and hands are washed. I was getting Aubrey ready for bed and sent Owen to the kitchen to throw away her diaper. Several minutes pass and it dawns on me that he hasn't returned and it is quiet. I walk out to the kitchen just as he's finishing his brownie. He even went into the refrigerator to grab himself some milk to wash it down. So we brush his teeth again, wash his face and hands again.

For his sake it's probably a good thing he ate one then or he wouldn't have gotten one at all. Ben had two, Owen sneaked one and the other nine Aubrey and I shared. Technically I am still eating for two, you know.


Shelby said...

Very funny! Sneaky little boy.

Our Family said...

oink oink Kelly

CC said...

That's so funny that he snuck them! I made cookies several weeks ago and Broc figured out how to sneak them too! It's so early for them to be so sneaky!

If I were your teeny size I'd have eaten more than 9 brownies! Go girl!!