Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Weekend Getaway

My cousin, Jess, and her family made an 8 hour trip from Michigan to spend the weekend with us. They rented a beautiful cabin on the lake in eastern Kentucky and we met up with them there. As always, we laughed until our sides hurt. We have so much fun when we are together.

Jess and Shawn. Believe it or not, his beard is bigger in real life.
Bedtime Bible stories
I'm sure Ben won
Who knew the needles on the Christmas tree would make such great roads?

Celeste, Trevor and Owen. Celeste put those Christmas ornaments to good use.
Playing inside the fort
Building a fort - Jess should probably get the credit for this
We actually woke up to a little bit of snow! I don't think Louisville got any.
The kids have fun sleeping in the same room together. Although we had to have many talks with Owen to get him to keep quiet and actually go to sleep!
Such a girl


Sarah Glupker said...

It's Owen's first slumber party! And, he was a rabble-rouser..hahaha.
Looks like fun...glad it was!
OF COURSE Christmas trees make great roads....everybody who's Anybody knows that...