Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Since moving to Kentucky it is our tradition to spend the night at Ben's parent's house on Christmas Eve. We wake and spend Christmas Day playing games, eating snacks and visiting. We have a huge evening meal and then open presents. This year was a little different since we were passing around the stomach bug and dropping like flies.

Ben was already over the flu
Owen still had it - obviously. What other kid lays around when there are presents to open?
The guys are pretty excited about their matching shoes! (Notice Ben's Dad in the background. He was just starting to get sick)
Looking through the photo flip book that "Owen" made for Daddy. The title was "I love you because" and each page was a picture of Owen and Ben doing something special together and gave another reason why Owen loved his Daddy.
This is me with the flu after being up all night sick. Don't look to closely. I took a shower but that was it - no hair, no makeup, you get the idea. I wouldn't normally include such a picture but if this blog is going to be a journal for my kids, I suppose I have to.


Kara said...

The flu... it's evil.
But look at you, still cute as a button. :)
Glad everyone is healthy again!