Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Day Outdoors

Yes, it's January and yes, we spent most of the day outdoors without coats. Have I mentioned before how much I love living in Kentucky? Winter is not my favorite season, however, I choose to make the most of each day God gives me (see previous post). Today was a great day because it was spent with my favorite people.
Ben didn't have to be at work until 4 today so we had plenty of time to take the children to the Zoo. The fresh air was wonderful and the animals were very active. There were not a lot of people there today so we had the Zoo workers to ourselves. We got to touch the skin of a giraffe, feel the tusk of an elephant horn and learn lots of interesting bits of trivia. I do not usually take pictures of the animals but they were so mobile and entertaining that I couldn't resist. Even if you don't care to see the animals, scroll down to at least see an adorable picture of Owen and the gorilla.

The giraffes are one of Owen's favorite animals
This baby giraffe is a couple of years old. There was another baby born at our Zoo earlier this week.

As we walked around the Zoo I kept asking Owen, "Who made the lions? Who made the elephants? Who made the ___." God sure did create some beautiful animals! I didn't bother to take a picture of the warthog because those guys are just plain ugly. But God created the warthog too and they ALL glorify Him!

Grandma Glupker gave Owen a book called, "Goodnight Gorilla." It's about a Zoo Keeper named Joe who puts away all the animals at night but the gorilla kept sneaking out of his cage. Owen loves the book and talked about it a lot while we roamed the Zoo.


Sarah Glupker said...

YOu got some cool pics, Kelly!
Love that one of the three lions standing posed on the edge of the rock. Looks like fun! I see Owen got to see his gorilla buddies up close.
It has been in the 30's in Michigan, so it SEEMS warm. Glad you guys (some of my favorite people) are out enjoying it if I can't!

Aunt S