Thursday, January 07, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Owen

Kids say the funniest things! Owen has given me a few lines that have cracked me up.

- Aubrey burped and Owen said, "That was a good one, Aubrey!"
- Owen passed gas and looks at me and says, "Hey! I heard that!"
- He picks up George, as in Curious George, and holds him by the arms and looks straight into his eyes. With all seriousness he says, "George, you must be nice!"
- Owen is driving his cars on the couch until he gets to the end of the couch where his friend Will is. In a very sweet and gentle voice he says, "Excuse me." Will gives no response. Owen says, "Excuse me, Will." Again, no response. Still in a kind voice he repeats, "Will, excuse me." When he still doesn't get a response he sweetly explains, "Will, I said excuse me and that means get out of my way."
- While this wasn't appropriate, it is kind of funny. Owen was angry with me and while giving me a dirty look he pointed and said, "Mama, just go! Go to your kitchen!"
- Ben asked Owen why God made us. He always responds with, "To glorify Him" but for some reason yesterday he responded with, "to glorify Owen!"
- When he was younger he somehow got the nickname 'O-Bug.' The other day Ben was explaining to Owen that anteaters eat bugs. Owen looked up and said, "They eat me? They eat Owen?!"
- He put George in bed, covered him with blankets and then came out of his room. He then put his finger over his mouth and whispered, "Hush, Mama. George is taking a nap so please be quiet."