Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kentucky Winter

We've seen more snow this winter than we've probably seen in all the winters we've lived here combined. We got a few inches last week Monday and that was enough to close schools on Tuesday and Wednesday and delay them on Thursday. Then we got about six inches Sunday night which closed schools Monday and today.

It's beautiful, but I'd be a bit more excited about it if our snow gear wasn't in storage in Michigan. There's not a whole lot to do without boots, snow suits and sleds.
You know what else is beautiful? The beach, sand, resorts and sunshine. I'll be in Florida in less than five weeks. Now THAT excites me!
Owen and Daddy like to climb
The guys played in this . . .
while the girls prepared this. There's nothing like homemade soup on a cold day.


Pam said...

The snow is beautiful in the trees!

Trail Rated said...

We have more than 3 feet on the ground and a total of almost 5 feet this winter. Demolished previous records. So much for global warming.