Thursday, March 25, 2010


We've been having a great time here in Florida! Lots of games, eating, swimming, laughing and the best part - nobody is sick!

Friday: Met up with my sister's family in Atlanta
Saturday: Arrived at our condo at Orange Lake and met up with the rest of the Lange's and my brother and Sharon. We spent the day at the pool and had the entire gang over for pizza.
Sunday: Played at the arcade, games, walks, etc.
Monday: Disney's Magic Kingdom, complete with rides, parade, fireworks, etc.
Tuesday: Played at the park, went swimming and attended a Detroit Tiger's spring training game
Wednesday: Pool side ALL DAY! The kids even took their naps outdoors in the hammock.
Thursday: another day of swimming. And tonight we are headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at the T-Rex restaurant.
I love my family and vacationing with them is so much fun!