Sunday, March 14, 2010


Tonight I was reading The Big Picture Story Bible to Owen before bedtime. I opened the book to where the bookmark was. The last story read was the one about Jesus dying on the cross. I reminded Owen of the story and he said, "Yes, Mama, Jesus died." Then he threw his arms up in the air and he continued, "BUT . . . HE CAME BACK ALIVE! He's alive!"

I can only assume that Owen is remembering the story from the last time we read it. And if you read my previous post you'll notice that we read through one children's Bible and then read through a different one. Then we come back to the first. We read the books in order because both of them start with creation. I say all that to say this, to my amazement, Owen REMEMBERS. He is listening when we read. He is paying attention. He does not yet have the understanding, but he is gaining the knowledge.
Wow. What an incredible responsibility I have to teach my son the truths of God's Word. My time with him is so short. There is so much I want him to learn. I love this little boy so much and with all my heart I hope and pray that he will give his life to Jesus. The Lord has really been convicting me lately to redeem the time. I do not have many years with my children while they are young and under my care. I must be a good steward of this time I have!


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