Thursday, March 11, 2010


Owen loves to kneel down and play with his cars on the couch. And when he does so, nothing - not a single thing - can be on the couch. I am not one to leave things lay around. But the other night I got back from the store late and so I foolishly put my coupon binder on the couch instead of putting it away. Fast forward to the next morning. I'm nursing Aubrey while Owen is playing behind me with his cars. When I'm finished I turn around and to my HORROR this is what I found:

I immediately covered my face with my hands and gasped. Ben came in to the room to see what was wrong and said, "Oh, no. Do you want me to discipline him?" Owen was not disciplined. I know it was an accident. He just tossed my binder on the floor and because it's so full it popped open and EVERY SINGLE page and divider fell out. I need to get a two inch binder. And if you look closely, he even stepped on my dividers so they are no longer perfectly neat and straight. *sigh*
Now you may think I'm overreacting. And if you do, then two things are very clear:
1. You are not an organized person
2. You are not a couponer
But couponing is not my idol. I took a deep breath, hugged my boy as he apologized and cleaned and reorganized. It's not the end of the world. But you better believe I will never not put away binder again!


CC said...

What a great way to handle it! I probably would have burst into tears...I feel your pain sistah!

nate, christina, and connor said...

oh, boy. i would have been more ticked that the dividers got messed up.