Monday, April 26, 2010

A Day at Home is Just "Ducky" to Me!

Last Friday we took advantage of a rainy day and used it as an excuse to stay home - all day. It was great. I really enjoy days like that every once in a while. We made ducks out of paper plates and construction paper. The boys had fun with it, even Owen who doesn't typically get real excited about crafts.

Will wasn't real excited about step one: painting the body of the duck.
Proud of his creation! The tail on the duck is made out of each boy's hand prints.
Owen wanted to be face to face with his duck. In this picture he's singing the song "Three Little Ducks" to his duck. It's one of his favorite songs from our weekly Story Time.


david, blair, and sadie beth said...

You are such a fun, organized mom. Rub off on me some! :)