Monday, June 07, 2010


I have heard that the greatest sign of admiration is imitation. If this is true then Owen most certainly admires his Daddy. He wants to be just like him and do the things he does. They wear the same tennis shoes, they like the same snacks, they love to talk about sports and tell each other stories. When Ben walks in the door Owen immediately runs in to his arms and usually says, "Daddy! Let's watch some Tiger's highlights." And together they will sit at the desk watching highlights from the baseball game or sometimes watch soccer. They both enjoy being with the other. Owen has loved having his daddy home more now that he's done with school. Some days, at the end of the day, Owen will say, "Daddy was with us ALL day! No class! No work! Just with our family!" It makes me smile to see how much he loves being in the presence of his daddy.

I couldn't ask for a better father for my children. He sincerely enjoys being with his kids. He includes Owen in every activity he can. Whether Ben is golfing, shopping, running errands, cleaning out the car, talking on the phone, or even taking a shower - Owen is right there with him. They sing together, read together, wrestle together and take turns making up stories to tell each other. They also spend a lot of time playing Candyland together.
Ben really is Owen's best friend. I'm so thankful that my son has such a wonderful role model to both imitate and admire.
Both of my kids loved playing in the pool. Ben and Owen swam for three hours straight.
They laugh so hard when they play together. Ben couldn't care less about looking goofy in front of other people. He'll do anything to get a giggle out of Owen, even if that means looking like a fool. He was acting so ridiculous at the pool the other day that even the adults laying out in the sun nearby were watching and cracking up at him.
Owen was in the pool for just a few minutes when he worked up the courage to start jumping in all by himself.
We took Owen to a little league baseball game since he loves baseball. After the game he and Daddy played catch and ran the bases.
You can't really tell in this picture, but they are wearing matching shoes. Owen calls them his "Daddy shoes."
Last week Ben took Owen to Lowes and they built a car together. Ben loves to build. I'm sure that once we have a house again and Ben can get all of his tools out, Owen will enjoy working with his hands too!
Here is Owen wearing his work apron and his "daddy shoes."


Alicia said...

Praise God for a husband who enjoys his family so much! His investment in your children will pay off big (or so I've been told) as your kids grow older and will instill in them much security and trust!

Poker Web said...

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