Monday, July 12, 2010

All the Ways He Loves Me

- He surprises me with little gifts: a chocolate shake, tacos from Taco Bell, a new pair of shoes, etc
- He shops for me all the time. I'd be wearing clothes from college if it weren't for Ben. Coats, shoes, shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts - you name it, he picks it out. And the best part is that I don't even go to the store with him!
- He would let me sleep in every day if I wanted to.
- He changes diapers, gives baths, plays with the kids, ect. He's a super dad!
- He confronts me when I am wrong.
- He lets me go on trips with the kids while he stays home to work.
- He plays games with me even though I'm super competitive
- He opens doors for me (and some of you told me he wouldn't do that after our first year of marriage!)
- He orders for me when we go out to eat.
- He's always willing to take the kids and give me a break.
- He listens while I vent about my silly frustrations.
- He spends time with our family.
- He plans trips for us.
- He finds good articles and books for me to read that he knows will challenge and encourage me.
- He intentionally tries to get to know me more and more.
- He gives me lots of compliments and praises.

***These are just a few of the ways Ben shows me that he loves me. And I love him too!***
Happy 7th Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary... I DID remember it, but forgot to get a card out in time. You do have a great husband and you are a great wife, don't ever stop falling in love... You and your children will all be blessed. Love, Dad