Friday, July 09, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Owen

I know it hasn't been very long since I had one of these posts, but Owen says so many funny things that I had write another one!

- Yesterday Will asked me to read him a story. I was busy changing Aubrey so I told him I couldn't just then. The book he wanted read to him was one that Owen knows by heart. So Owen said, "Come sit on my lap, Will. I'll read it to you." And that's just what they did. Afterward Owen told him to go pick out another book. He ended up "reading" three books with Will on his lap.
- Once our kids are sleeping through the night, should they ever wake up for anything (drink, potty, etc), Ben is the one who typically takes care of it. The other night Owen woke up and I happened to be the one to hear it so I got up to see what he needed. Apparently he is used to having Daddy come in because once I got to his bed he sleepily said, "Mommy, go back to the kitchen."
- While putting Owen to bed one night he got very serious and had a confession to make. "Mommy, earlier I wiped a booger on the couch. I'm sorry."
- Owen is getting in the habit of opening doors for me. So one day a couple of weeks ago when I opened the door for him, he proudly exclaimed, "Mommy! You are SUCH a gentleman!"
- I was in the bathroom one morning doing my hair when Owen came in and said, "Mommy, what are you doing in here? You're supposed to be in the kitchen cooking."
- Owen doesn't seem to understand that nearly every dad goes to work every day leaving his family behind. Owen hates to see Ben go. Shortly after Ben went to work the other day Owen came up to me and said, "I'm not very happy with Daddy right now. He went to work without me."
- Owen was eating slowly at dinner. Because I was getting irritated I picked up his fork and offered him a bite full of food. He furrowed his brow and in a tone that sounded quite offended he said, "HEY! I'm not a baby. I'm a big boy. Don't feed me like I'm a baby."
- "When putting him to bed Owen told me he wanted to sleep with his head at the foot of his bed under his blankets. When I told him he wouldn't be able to breath he said, "That's okay. I don't want to breath."
- Today he learned the phrase, "oh shoot!" I corrected him several times and then warned him that I was going to discipline him if he said it again. Sure enough, he said it again and was disciplined. Just a minute or two later he started to say it again. He said, "OH -" and then caught my eye and remembered. So he finished with, "OH-W-E-N spells Owen!"
- I asked Owen, "Owen, who does Mommy love?" And he answered, "You love Owen." Then I asked, "Who does Owen love?" And he said, "I love Daddy."