Sunday, July 25, 2010

Playing With Uncle Michael

Owen looked like such a big kid standing in line for the diving board with all of these older guys!
He was very excited to show Uncle Michael how he jumps of the diving board. There were a lot of people swimming while we were there and a few of them commented that Owen was "fearless." They would not have said that a short time ago! The people cheered and clapped when Owen jumped and soon he was hamming it up. Before he'd jump he'd make a silly face or do some goofy body motion. He keeps us laughing!
Uncle Michael and Aubrey
Owen is by far Michael's #1 fan
Having a good time . . .
Aubrey spent a great deal of time doggy paddling around the pool while Ben held her. She slept hard that night!
Saying "goodbye" to Uncle M. Come back soon!