Friday, July 23, 2010

Goodbye Water Wings, Hello Diving Board

Owen was so excited yesterday to finally show his Mama how he jumps off the diving board. And I am so proud of him!!! He's turning into a great little swimmer! He's officially done using water wings and is now just using the swim vest which requires more coordination and leg and arm movement. But he's definitely getting the hang of it. He's swimming all around the pool without touching and without holding on to anything. He even grabbed Aubrey's float and pulled her around the entire pool. Once the basics of swimming are down, this vest is pretty handy. It's designed to help the child learn to swim independently. There are foam sheets you remove one at a time so that he is required to do more of the work on his own. We are going to start removing sheets next week. I considered putting Owen in regular swim lessons but with this progress I don't think it's necessary. My dad taught me to swim and I think it's pretty sweet that Owen's daddy is teaching him.
Posing before he jumps
He jumped a dozen times and by the end he was trying to spice it up a bit. Here he is running off the board. Once he lands into the water he goes about three feet under. He loves it!

Swimming to the edge so he can climb out and do it all over again.


Alicia said...

Man, your little guy is brave! My almost-5-year-old Chloe gets scared just putting her face in the water!

Kelly Glupker said...

We've really been working with him, Alicia. He used to be very scared too. Aubrey is the total opposite of Owen. She ALREADY purposely puts her face under water. I have to really watch her during bath time.