Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Reading

Owen loves to read and the different reading programs I've had him involved in this summer have only increased his love for books. He earns a gift card to Half Price Books for every week he completes the program. He's participated every single week this summer and therefore has been rewarded with several new books. He looks forward to Saturday mornings when we go to the book store to let him make his selections. We also check out several books from the library each week. I'm amazed at how quickly and easily he memorizes lines to the stories. I sure wish I could memorize that easily. Imagine how many Bible verses I could have stored away!

Every night after Aubrey goes to bed Owen and I sit on the couch and read for at least an hour. And we never read the same book twice in one sitting. So he reads A LOT of books! I'm always looking for good books to introduce him to, so if you have any favorites please give us some recommendations!
I have been going back and forth for several weeks about which Story Time to put Owen in. He loves going to the library. The toddler story time is fine. He enjoys it. They sing lots of songs which he especially likes, but the books are pretty young for him. However, Aubrey is getting to the age where she really likes it. I know she won't notice if we quit going, but she loves song time and it's nice to see her have fun. We may start making a couple of trips to the library!
Here are a couple of pictures from Story Time that I took this morning:
Completely focused: Aubrey, Will and Owen

The kids all love Ms. Emily. Aubrey is no exception.
"I'll catch that Itsy Bitsy Spider!!!"


Shelby said...

It is amazing how they can remember so many stories. I love listening to Gracie read to Myla and recite the whole book just by looking at the pages. Some books that the girls enjoy reading are:
Curious George ( all of them)
The pout pout fish
Peanut butter and Jelly
Brown Bear Brown Bear
The big red barn
The very hungry catapillar
The barn yard dance
The gingerbread boy
Caps for sale
Go Dogs go
We just started reading the The little house on the praire books. They have them in picture books for young readers, we are really enjoying all of them.

I'm sure there are many more good ones that we enjoy but that is all I can think of right now. She really enjoys the Jesus story book Bible that you recommended. She requests it many times a day, thanks!

Shelby said...

I can't believe I forgot two really good ones:

Blueberries for Sal
Make way for Ducklings.

Two very good ones. Ok I'm done no more thinking about what books the kids love!!

Laurie said...

I can't get Addison to sit for that long to do ANYTHING. She is such a busy body. I like the books by Laura Numeroff...If you give a moose a muffin...If you give a pig a pancake... There are many more.

Diana Oedy said...

We have actually been going to the Toddler story time on wednesday mornings, but we missed yesterday since we just got back from vacation I let the kids sleep in. Lana likes it but she misses he "Hello" song and the craft. You think toddler story time is too young for Owen, so did you try the Pre-school hour?

Kelly Glupker said...

Thank you for the recommendations!
Laurie, I don't think Owen sat still for an hour at Addison's age either. But now that he understands the stories better and we're reading longer books, he really gets into it. He doesn't watch T.V. so he's about as excited to read a book as some kids are to watch a movie. It's great!
Diana, I don't necessarily think it's too young for him. He enjoys it. I just think he would enjoy more books. Emily suggested the 10:15 story time on Wednesdays because, she said, it's geared more toward preschoolers. I honestly think he would do fine at the 11:00 hour on Wednesdays too. But because we read so much at home I'm not too concerned about it. He likes to be with his friends so for that reason I may stick with Thursdays. Or, I may just start going back and forth and go to whichever one best suits my schedule for that particular week. Why did you switch to Wednesdays?

Diana Oedy said...

I first went on a wednesday morning because Lana was going to be at a friends house on thursday so I knew we were going to miss thursday morning so I thought I would take her to the wednesday morning. Thursday mornings are for walkers under 2 (the website says)we had started going when Lana was 20 months old, but it had always worked better with our schedule once she got older. 10:15 wednesday mornings is toddler story time, and 11 is pre-school, so one of those is acutally more for Lana's age, we have been doing the 10:15 on wednesday mornings because it works best with our schedule!