Tuesday, August 03, 2010

11 Months

It's hard to believe that exactly one year ago Aubrey was here. Where does the time go?! Our little girl, who we affectionately call "sweetie," or "Sis" is growing sweeter and sweeter every day. Here are the things she's doing these days:

- She's been crawling on all fours as opposed to army crawling for a few weeks now.
- She now has 7 very visible teeth: four on top, three on bottom.
- She says, "ma-ma," "da-da," and "night-night"
- She waves hello and goodbye.
- She gives the best kisses.
- She's able to pull herself up with very little help - one hand slightly on the wall is enough. She's starting to attempt to stand on her own but hasn't done it yet.
- She likes to climb, especially into Owen's chair.
- She is a pro at flushing the toilet and is very proud of herself for doing it.
- She still loves the water and intentionally puts her face in it when she's in the bathtub or pool.
- She loves to play with Owen and laughs at him all the time.
- Unloading the dishwasher is one of her favorite activities.
- She continues to be a great eater. Blueberries are one of her favorite treats.
- She likes story time at our library and gets really excited when we sing Acka Backa Soda Cracker.
- At bedtime when I stand next to her crib and hold her while I sing to her and pray with her, she tightly wraps her arms around my neck and snuggles with me as long as I let her. I love it!

Here are a few recent pictures of our girl:
Owen likes the feeling of being surrounded. He will often completely surround himself with pillows or toys. He likes to get out a bunch of toys and leave two empty spots on the floor for he and Aubrey to sit together.
Aubrey wants to be a part of whatever Owen is doing. She is also turning out to be a real daddy's girl. I'm not surprised. Her brother adores Daddy too!

She loves to climb up on this chair!
Happy Girl!