Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celebrating in Michigan

Since the church Ben preached at was only a few hours away from family we decided to throw a little birthday bash in Michigan. We celebrated with Grandpa and Grandma Glupker, Grandpa Rademacher, Grandpa and Grandma Lange, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Kimmie, Aunt Sarah, all the cousins and our friends Chris, Dave and Sabrina. My two grandmothers even surprised us by coming over for a visit before the party.

Grandma Lange whipped up a cake for the kids to share
Owen helped Aubrey blow out her candle. She just wanted to pull it out.
My Sweeties
I love how Aubrey took the initiative to grab Owen's little face.
Owen: "Aubrey, people brought us presents!"
Aubrey: "Ah! Are you serious?"
Our Family - and Aubrey trying to again pull out the candle.
Owen blowing out his own candles.
Cole, Owen and Brenden
Owen wouldn't touch his first birthday cake. Aubrey had no problem digging in.
Grandpa Rademacher scored a winner when he picked up this computer for Owen. All of the kids wanted to play with it. This gift has been fought over many, many times. Even the kids I babysit wanted to play with it all day.
Aubrey got new clothes but she loved the pink plastic wrap the most.
Grandpa and Grandma Lange got Owen his own set of (real) golf clubs. Now he's really excited to go golfing with Daddy!
Aunt Judy and Great-Grandma Glupker live too far away to come to the party but we spent a couple of days at their house. They also spoiled the kids with birthday gifts. Thank you everyone for making my kid's feel special!