Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lake Michigan

Ben filled the pulpit at a church in Mattawan, Michigan last Sunday. (He preached a great sermon if you ask me!) Mattawan is on the west side of the state so we took advantage of that and spent some time at Lake Michigan. Ben really wanted Owen to see the big lake. It was a nice day to go with the water temperature up to 75 degrees - very warm for the lake!

Baby feet in the sand - I love it!
Owen has no fear in the swimming pool. He was a little hesitant, however, in the lake. The waves were loud and there is no land as far as your eyes can see. It only took him a couple of minutes before he was swimming on his own in the lake. The only thing he didn't like was the sand that stuck to his feet after he got out.
My childhood friend, Shelby, now lives on the west side of the state. We were able to get together a few times while I was in town. Owen and her daughter, Gracelyn, became fast friends.