Saturday, September 11, 2010

Family Fun Night at SBTS

Pulled pork, inflatables, hamburgers, forts, hot dogs, tanks, popcorn, dress up clothes, nachos, carousel, ice cream, Ferris Wheel, peanuts, live music, candy, glow sticks, pop (soda), sky divers, snow cones, balloons, chocolate covered bananas, silly bands - we enjoyed all this and more last night at Southern Seminary's Fall Festival. It's all FREE for seminary students and alumni. We look forward to it every fall. It's like a big carnival with all your friends at no cost. The kids love it. Who am I kidding? We'd go even if we didn't have kids! You can't beat all you can eat free food!

Three skydivers landed right in the middle of seminary lawn.
This year they had a section set up for "frontier days." This is inside the tepee.
Happy little Indian
Standing outside the tepee
Daddy got kicked off this ride but Owen had no problem going alone. He's having fun!
Going up on the Ferris Wheel. The wait for this ride was ridiculous. Thankfully Owen had fun so it was worth it. You can't see him, but he is sitting next to Ben.
Getting on the Ferris Wheel
Aubrey and her friend, Nathan. You know all that free food I mentioned above? Yeah, that wasn't enough apparently. Here is Aubrey stealing snacks from Nathan (after eating two hot dogs of her own no less)
Lana and Owen
I love spending time with my family!


Alicia said...

AWESOME! Wish I was a seminary student! :)

Kiert said...

I didn't know Alums could go! How did you know when it was?

anobodyfromnowhere said...

The food alone is worth it!

Kelly Glupker said...

It was on the seminary calendar on the web page. I'm still taking SWI classes and they announced it there too. Mrs. Mohler said alumni were welcome.