Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

In our part of the country the weather could not have been better for the long holiday weekend! We spent Friday evening celebrating Aubrey's birthday, Saturday at WorldFest, Sunday at church and then a trip to the park and Monday at Family Palooza. Family Palooza was a free event organized by Southeast Christian Church. There were water slides, a petting zoo, train rides, face painting, tons of inflatables, pony rides, dunk tanks, food, carnival games and live entertainment. Here are a few pictures from our day:
Did I forget to mention that we also got free t-shirts (not pictured) and free balloons?
Climbing up and going down the big slide
Aubrey wasn't big enough to ride the train by herself so I had to squeeze myself into the kiddie train car.
Owen loves trains so he thought this was great!
Owen does not, however, love animals. Here he is climbing on Ben to avoid having to get on the horse.
He was much more comfortable with this smaller pony but still tried to touch it as little as possible (notice his right leg).
"This isn't so bad after all! Now I'm having fun!"
Aubrey: "I miss out on all the good stuff."
Part of the petting zoo.