Saturday, September 04, 2010

Owen Performs at WorldFest

There is always something fun going on in Louisville. Today was WorldFest - a celebration of all the different ethnicities in our community. There was a parade downtown, live music, tons of food and free entertainment. It was neat to see the variety in food, dress, music and dance. As an extra bonus it was a beautiful day!!!

Aubrey entertained herself with the phone while we waited for Owen to get off the dance floor
Once the live music started Owen jumped up on this table so that he could see. Of course when you're on a table and there is music playing you feel compelled to dance. (He's wearing my sunglasses).
He then made his way up to the dance floor which was right in front of the stage where the singers and dancers were performing.
We are actually far away. I zoomed in with my camera to get these pictures.
This was the crowd Owen was dancing in front of. I guess he doesn't have stage fright.