Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Birthday Girl

We've done a lot of celebrating over the last several days since my children's birthdays are exactly one week apart. September 3 was Aubrey's special day. We ate one of her favorite foods for dinner - pizza. Of course, it's also one of her Daddy's favorite foods and he made the executive decision to eat it last night.

My girl on her birthday!
Her birthday cake.
She liked it!
At one year of age:
Weight: 20 lb 5 oz (25 - 50 percentile)
Height: 29.75 inches (50-75 percentile)
She can clearly say 4 words and uses them appropriately: Mama, Dada, Ohhhh (Owen), Night-Night
She's been walking for a few weeks and is now starting to run!
She is stingy with her kisses but she will kiss her baby doll generously
Her favorite toy is a set of plastic golf clubs
She won't drink cow's milk, soy milk or formula. I'm hoping this changes since her last day of nursing was on her birthday.
She likes to hold the phone up to her ear while you say, "hello?"
She falls apart when you tell her "no-no."
She surprised the pediatrician by constantly batting his hand away every single time he tried to touch her. I think the word he used to describe her was "spitfire."
She likes to play with Owen's cars though I'm starting to think it's only because she knows it makes him angry.
She loves her Daddy and the moment he walks in the door she reaches for him.
She doesn't like to be dropped off at the church nursery.
She's still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping 12 hours at night.
She refuses to wear bows and flowers in her hair.