Saturday, September 04, 2010

3 Year Check-Up

Posts like this one are not so much written because I think people care, but so that I'll have this information years from now. Remember, this blog is my family scrapbook.

Owen had his 3 year check-up with our pediatrician yesterday.

Weight: 35.5 pounds (75 percentile)
Height: 3 ft. 3.5 inches (90th percentile)

Unfortunately Owen is started to phase out of the nap stage. I'm sad about that. And he's also losing a lot of curls. I'm sad about that too.
But on a positive note he's growing and learning like crazy. Every day he says something that throws me off guard. He hasn't been a baby in a long time. He's not even a toddler anymore. In so many ways he is . . . a boy . . . a little person with ideas of his own. I love that I get to spend my life training, molding, shaping, teaching and loving this little man!