Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bernheim Forest

Our family spent a day at Bernheim Forest - a place with many hiking trails, lakes, trees and natural beauty. It was a gorgeous day and so relaxing to walk on the trails and enjoy God's creation. Many of the trees were labeled and I was reminded once again what creative creator God is. Hundreds of different kinds of trees, fish, turtles, etc all bringing glory to God. I love it! I've also never seen so much holly in my life. This boardwalk is part of the canopy tree walk. At the very end of the walk we found ourselves 75 feet above the forest floor. It was such a great view! I'm sure it will be even prettier in a few weeks when more of the leaves change color. I was a little nervous letting Aubrey walk, but we kept a close eye on her. Little Miss Independent loves to explore!

Your stomach gets a little queasy when you're above the trees looking down!
Our family: Aubrey 13 months, Owen 3 yrs
I love being in the woods. I suppose that's why I enjoy camping so much!
Owen had a blast running around on the trails, climbing on the rocks and feeding the fish.
Watching the fish
Ben is pointing out all the fish and turtles to Owen.
Throwing food to the fish and turtles. The fish would flip out of the water for the food and the turtles quickly gathered around too.

Quick break for a snack
One of the many hiking trails
Stopping (something Aubrey doesn't like to do) for a picture
She's ready to hike some more!


Anonymous said...

Everyone tells me that Aubrey looks so much like you... I don't see it myself... until I looked at this last picture of Aubrey... she looks JUST LIKE YOU!!! :)
Grandpa Rademacher