Thursday, October 07, 2010

13+ Months

Aubrey turned 13 months old earlier this week. We are learning more and more about her personality, her likes and her dislikes. She jabbers all the time. She will approach random people and stand right in front of them and talk while waving her hands and arms around. While she's quite social she doesn't like people to hold her.
She's always on the move with places to go and things to see. She walks around our home looking for things to do. I have to keep a close eye on this one because she frequently gets into things she knows she's not allowed to touch. One of her favorite things to do is throw things away. Yesterday I found a copy of Green Eggs and Ham in the trash. Unfortunately, she also likes to take things out of the trash.

Much like her brother she really likes music! During story time at the library or in her car seat, as soon as we start to sing she puts her index finger in the air and starts to move her arm. This is her idea of dancing - she gets it from her father.

She's been walking since 11.5 months but just two weeks ago she learned how to put herself in to a standing position without holding on to anything.

She really likes to annoy Owen. As soon as we get in the car and start moving she leans her head back in her car seat, looks at Owen and says, "Eh." I'm not sure why this bothers him but it does and everyone - especially Aubrey - knows it. So he will say, "Aubrey, stop it!" And she will proceed to say, "Eh!" louder and louder until he's screaming "STOP IT!!!" It makes for a really enjoyable car ride.

She also likes to steal his cars while he's playing with them. If he's not playing with his cars she has no interest in them. But if he's on his knees at the couch pushing them around she will walk to the couch, take a car, and run away with the car in hand while looking over her shoulder to see his reaction. He typically reacts the way she expects - with anger. But once in a while she takes a car without his notice. And when that happens she will look over her shoulder to see that he's not getting upset and stop right in her tracks, toss the car on the floor and go find something else to do. She's a stinker.

Although she does like to bother Owen they really do get along well. She laughs the hardest when he is playing with her. He climbs in bed with her whenever she wakes up and they spend lots of time laying next to each other giggling.

She no longer likes to give kisses on demand but if you're sitting on the floor and you don't ask for one, she's more likely to come give you one. It just has to be her idea and when it is she will give them to you over and over again. She is now kissing with her lips together. They grow up so fast!

She LoVeS bananas, blueberries and strawberries. She could eat them all day long if I let her. She eats a whole banana with her breakfast every morning and then cries for more if she sees you eating one. Yogurt is one of her favorite snacks and spaghetti is one of her favorite meals. She's still a pretty good eater.

She can tell you how old she is and is good about trying to say new words.

One of my favorite times of the day is when it's time for her to nap or go to bed. I hold her tight while standing next to her crib and sing a little song for her that I made up. She holds on to her blanket and lays her head on my shoulder with her arm around my neck. When I'm done singing I pray with her. When I say, "In Jesus name, Amen" she often holds on to my neck a little tighter so that I won't put her down. I love those moments when it's just she and I standing in the dark snuggling next to her bed. It's the only time of day that she is still enough to let me snuggle her and I cherish it!


Alicia said...

She sounds like a sweet little spitfire!