Friday, October 08, 2010

19 Kids & Counting

Last night I had the privilege of seeing the Duggar family live at Southeast Christian Church here in Louisville, Kentucky. They are the stars of the reality T.V. Show 19 Kids & Counting. I can't say I've seen very many episodes of their show but I have read their book The Duggars: 20 and Counting! I have been nothing but impressed by this family. Here are a few things about this family that impress me:
- They have 19 kids and the mother, Michelle, gave birth to each one of them.
- Each child has a name that starts with the letter 'J'
- They live debt free. They even paid cash for their home.
- Each of their children can play the violin and the piano once they turn 4 years of age.
- All of the girls can play the harp.
- All of the children are home schooled.
- The kids have a reputation for being mature and respectful.
- The oldest of their kids own their own business selling cars. They started this business at 18 and 19 years of age. That's maturity!
- Their home only has 3 bedrooms. The girls all share and the boys all share.
- They do not watch T.V. (they don't even watch their own T.V. show until it's on DVD)
- Although they have so many children I believe they spend more quality time with their kids than most families with two children.
- They run a tight ship. Their home is a place of order and harmony. Every child is a vital part of what makes the family successful and what makes the house run smoothly. They all have a role to play!

While there are many things I admire about this family there were two things that stuck out to me last night as I listened to them speak. If you've ever heard Michelle speak you'll know exactly what I mean when I say she is "sweet." I cannot think of a better word to describe her. Her volume, her tone - everything about her communication is just . . . sweet. Her husband commented on it several times. He said that her sweet and gentle spirit is an important part of their home. She does not yell. She is not short tempered or sarcastic. She is just sweet. And it's obvious her family adores her.
The other thing stood out to me was the importance the family places on prayer. They faithfully pray for their children and their marriage. Two things Mrs. Duggar specifically prays for her children is that they would 1). Fear God and 2.) be protected by God from the enemy.
I am challenged today to guard my speech and communicate lovingly to my children. I am also committed to faithfully praying more regularly for my kids. My children NEED me to intercede on their behalf. If I don't, who will?
Regardless of what our culture says, children are a blessing and they are a gift from God. I am thankful the Duggar family reminded of this.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar look on as 15 of their of their children sing and play instruments
They all play the violin
Unfortunately I didn't have my book with me to get their signature
Michelle and Jim Bob share their faith and family values
Do you recognize this guy? I don't remember his name but he's from TLC. They were filming last night and plan to incorporate the Duggar's trip to Louisville in to one of their episodes.
The family sat around this circle signing their book
One of the Duggar boys
Two of the Duggar girls and a couple boys
Another son
Jim Bob and Michelle with their second to youngest child


Ben & Shannon said...

That is neat! It seems like families with lots of kids are usually all dirty, clothes too small, and their house is a mess, ect. I've always thought "the more kids, the more help it should be around the house'. What an opportunity for America to see such a great testimony!

Tammy C said...

To answer your question that was Jim the sound guy from the show.

Kara said...

I wish my 3 bedrooms were the size of theirs!
All joking aside, I think they are an awesome family. Wonderful parents. Becky Speer let me borrow her book, I enjoyed it.