Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Girl

Aubrey is a very independent little girl and wants to do everything on her own. At 13 months of age it's much easier, faster and cleaner for me to feed her myself. She has been feeding herself finger foods for many, many months. But now she wants to use the fork and spoon by herself. Slow down, little girl - you're still my baby!

As soon as the food got into her mouth she started clapping for herself and looked to her Daddy for praise.
Aubrey is developing in other areas as well. She can tell you how old she is, show you where her nose is, throw away trash (and unfortunately she also throws away items that are not trash like shoes, pots, books, cars, etc) and climb up on some pieces of furniture. She also answers most questions with either a "yes" or "no."
These are the words that she currently says: (That I can remember of the top of my head)
- No
- Yes
- Mama
- Dada
- Ohhhh-en (Owen)
- Thank You
- More (She can sign this too)
- Night-Night