Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deere Farms

Unlike last Fall, we have had several days of absolutely beautiful weather! We have been able to enjoy numerous hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and other Fall-ish activities. Recently we spent a day at Deere Farms.I know there are a ton of pictures, but there was just so much to do and I snapped photos of a lot of it.

Owen loved the challenge of trying to make it out of the hay maze. Aubrey just loved running around in it.
Picking out pumpkins
Owen had fun picking out just the right pumpkin. We've been reading a book about pumpkins and it's really kept him interested in them.
Learning how to play Corn Hole.
Wagon Ride
Owen rode in this tractor/train. And Aubrey thinks she must do everything Owen does. She ran straight for the train! I initially put her in just to sit until the ride started, thinking that would satisfy her. But then Daddy said she could actually ride! There were no seat belts and she could easily stand up, but she sat still smiling and having a good old time.
Such a big girl!

There they go!
The make-shift slide.
Owen went down first, so of course, Aubrey had to go too.
Owen is overcoming his fear of animals. Last week when we went to feed ducks he practically had them eating out of his hand. When he saw the horses at Deere Farms he ran to them and begged to ride. He wasn't scared at all and he even wanted to pet them.
So happy!
Aubrey watched Owen ride the horse and began to whine and whimper. She kept putting her arms and legs in between the rails of the gate.
SO . . . Daddy said she could ride too! And as you can see, she loved it. She kept leaning forward to pet her pony.

Jumping inside the giant inflatable pumpkin. Aubrey stood outside trying to climb in, but I wasn't about to let her jump with all the big kids.
There was a big wagon full of kernels of corn. The kids loved playing in it!
Aubrey kept running her hands through the kernels and throwing them in the air.
She also kept tried to sneak a few bites
"Driving" the tractor


TraceyLD said...

Looks like a lot of fun! It's been a great fall. Glad you have been able to enjoy it.