Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Honey for His Heart

Since reading Honey for a Child's Heart I have become a much more informed parent about what books to read to my children. Gladys Hunt includes in her book a very helpful reading list categorized by age. Our weekly trips to the library have been much more profitable with the use of Hunt's list! So far, Owen has enjoyed every single book from her list. And as an added bonus - I enjoy them too! She really pushes for the classics and so we have been reading stories that have been around for decades. Owen has a few authors he really enjoys but it's probably safe to say that Paul Galdone is his favorite. One of his books is The Gingerbread Boy. During a recent trip to the zoo, Owen noticed this gingerbread boy and immediately mentioned Paul Galdone.
If you haven't read Honey for a Child's Heart, check it out. It has made our reading time a much richer experience than it was before!