Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Real

* Tonight the kids and I walked to the store for a few groceries. We had to wait at an intersection for the light to turn red before we could cross the busy road. Another young woman was waiting for the light as well. She appeared to be around my age, maybe a few years younger, and was very pregnant. While we waited she looked at my children and made some kind comments about them. Then she looked at Aubrey and this conversation followed:
Woman: "Must be your . . . " and then paused.
Me: Assuming she was questioning her gender (even though she was wearing a sun dress) I said, "girl - she's a girl."
Woman: Shook her head in agreement and said, "Oh, right. But she has your eyes. I can totally tell you're related."
Me: Smiling, I said, "Yes, I often hear that she looks like me."
Woman: "So she must be your grandbaby?"
I kindly corrected her, we crossed the street and the very pregnant, young woman went into a hard liquor store. Either I look really old or that lady had something to drink before she went into the store. I'll assume the latter.

* I was looking in the journal and bible section of a local book store when I noticed many, many bible covers and journals with the Barack Obama's grinning face on the cover. I don't understand why you'd want any politician's face (or any other human being, really) on the front of your bible.
I guess people are replacing God with government even more than I realize. It's just creepy.

* My daughter was in her crib during nap time, although she did not nap. After a couple of hours I went in to get her. As I approached the door I became aware that she had filled her diaper. When I approached the crib I noticed that she had already taken her diaper off! Even more amazing than that is that she had it folded over neatly in her crib without making any mess at all (and it was VERY full)!

***These stories are for real!***