Thursday, November 04, 2010

14 Months

It's hard to believe that my little girl has been a part of our family for over a year already. On the one hand, I can't believe she is already 14 months old. On the other hand I look at all that she is doing these days and realize she is, in fact, no longer a baby.
- She can count to two, sort of. If I say "one" she says, "two." The math teacher in me loves that.
- She can identify parts of her body: belly, nose, head
- She can sign "more," "please," and "Thank you." (That's all I've taught her)
- Her vocabulary is rapidly expanding.
- She likes to run and climb.
- She not only puts herself in her closet but also closes the door to hide until someone comes to find her.
- She loves to give kisses, blow kisses and tease us with kisses.
- Aubrey Ann is a very happy little girl with a contagious giggle.
- She can tell you how old she is and tell you her name. She calls herself "Ah-bah."
- During Story Time she attempts to do the hand motions. It's pretty cute to watch her participate in the song The Wheels on the Bus.
- She is a TOTAL Daddy's girl. She runs to him when he comes home while yelling, "Da-da!" And she cries at the door whining those same words when leaves.
- She's very independent! And she still refuses to wear anything in her hair.
Owen used to love to snuggle up to the bumper pads in his crib when he was little. Aubrey does the same thing - which is why she often wakes up with a sweaty head.

She loves to run around outside.
This is the face she gives us every time she wants something we won't give her. You can't fully appreciate it unless you can hear the whining that goes with it.
I love this girl and am so thankful God chose her to be a part of our family. I pray daily that God would draw her to himself and that she would be a woman who lives a life of purity and godliness. I pray that Jesus will become her number one passion.