Friday, November 05, 2010

Things I Don't Correct

There are a few words that Owen mispronounces that I don't correct. He's growing up so fast the way it is, I'm not rushing it. He'll figure out the correct pronunciations on his own eventually (I use the words correctly when I speak them). For now, I just chuckle and smile when he says the following things:
"Swanwich" = Sandwich
"Bamilla" = Vanilla (he loves vanilla yogurt)
"Part of Me" = Pardon me
"Grocery Mile" = Grocery aisle
"Semmary" - Seminary
"Mr. Buhgregor" = Mr. McGregor (as in The Tale of Peter Rabbit)
"Alligator" = Elevator
"Oh my josh" = Oh my gosh (which he is not allowed to say. He's only allowed to say "oh my word" but when he's being defiant his way of talking back is to say "Oh my josh." So, this one I DO correct!)


TwoMuths said...

Aaron says "hand sizertizer" instead of hand sanitizer. It's so cute, I just let him say it. :-)

Shelby said...

Gracie says " Alligator" as well for elevator. I think it is very cute, even though it won't be in a couple of years, but for now I let her say it that way. There are lots of words she says wrong my two favorite our " Alligator " and "wapkin" for napkin. The simple things!!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca calls McDonalds "Old Macdonalds" in "had a farm." Since then Allie has started calling it that as well. I can't bring myself to correct them's just too sweet.

Shannon said...

I know how cute it is! Brooklyn calls McDonalds "the hamburger station", because it's next to the gas station.

Amanda said...

Brooke calls the elevator an alligator too. Right now she is saying "got for" instead of forgot. And before we corrected her she used to say, "Here comes me!"

Karen said...

So cute! I can't bring myself to correct the girls, either.

Livvie's funniest one:
Nate's foreman's name is Bernard. Livvie calls him "The Nard."

Kelly Glupker said...

Thanks for sharing! They all made me chuckle. Kids are so sweet and innocent. I didn't realize that alligator was a common word to use in place of elevator. How funny!

Kara said...

For some reason Abby and Tommy add "s" to everything... McsDonald's, and they say "yours" when they should say "your".
For example, "Those are yours shoes."