Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ben's Ordination

Back in September Ben had the privilege of returning to the church he was born and raised in to be ordained into the ministry. Immanuel Bible Church has played a huge role in Ben's life. Through his years and involvement at the church (ministering in the youth department, teaching Adult Sunday School classes, serving as an elder, etc) he has built some very strong relationships with the people of that congregation. We love them dearly. You can imagine how pleased and excited we were when the church chose to be a part of the ordination process.

The elders of the church prayed over us after the church voted to ordain Ben.
The ordination council consisted of 9 men: 4 pastors, 4 elders and 1 missionary. From left to right: Pastor Don Filcek, Phil Luter, Ben Glupker, Pastor Matt Beery, Steve DeLong, Lyle McAuley, Pastor Mark Hazen, John Glupker and Pastor Jack Glupker. (Missionary Dan Stokes is not pictured.) If the men look especially tired in this picture it's because they are! This was after an entire day of discussion.
The entire weekend with the church was so special. Saturday Ben went before the council to defend his doctrinal statement. The men on the council asked some tough questions! On more than one occasion I thought to myself, "I'm so glad I am not the one on the stand!" The day started at 9:00 a.m. and lasted until after 5:00 p.m. It was a long day, but we really enjoyed it!
On Sunday Pastor Mark preached a challenging sermon from the book of Malachi. It was a charge to Ben, a reminder of the responsibilities one has as a minister of the gospel. At the end of the church service the council recommended that the church vote to ordain Ben. The church voted and the elders prayed over us.
The church also provided a meal after the service and showered us with many nice gifts. Not only did our friends from Immanuel Bible Church share this special occasion with us, but so did many of our family members. Ben's entire family was present along with his Aunt Judy and Grandma Glupker. My dad, my sister and her family, and Charlie and Amber Lange were there as well. We also had other friends outside of IBC attend the service. We were so honored and so blessed.


Jack Klose said...

Ill never forget my ordination service. Congratulations Ben. Any word on churches?