Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The 5 Days of Kelly

Ben decided to call my birthday celebration, "The 5 Days of Kelly." I think it's because he was so excited to start giving me presents that he started five days early, but he says it's because there are five letters in my name. He's a goof.
He intended to take a picture every day but in reality the camera was pulled out only once - on the second day. He had me go into the other room while he and the kids wrapped the present each day. Then he would call me out. He snapped this picture as I entered the room, wondering, What is he up to?

The present says, "The 2nd day of Kelly 2010. We Love You Mama."
Each day was a fun little surprise. I enjoyed it. We even got a date night on the last night! Perhaps my favorite part of the five days was hearing my son sing Happy Birthday to me so many times. He's a sweetie!


Alicia said...

Awesome! What a fun idea! And how fantastic that you got a date night too!