Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Owen

- "Mommy, when Aubrey gets bigger she can have a husband and then take a shower all by herself." (Owen often showers with Ben. And since I shower alone my guess is that he thinks that's just what wives do).
- "I don't like spaghetti and I don't want it for dinner. I'll like it when I'm 5, not when I'm just 3."
- It was time for bed and Ben said, "Do you know what time it is?" Owen broke out in song and sang, "Time to sit in my chaaaair!"
- "Cock-a-lock-a-doo!"
- During prayer at lunch, "Thank you God that Mommy's not eating." I made the kids lunch, but not myself.
- I have been having some great talks with Owen about sin. He has even been able to give examples of his own sin. One night he kept getting out of bed because he was super excited that Daddy was home from work. I reminded him what sin is and told him that his disobedience was sin. He answered, "But Mommy, doggy and kitty said to me" and then he whispered, "Owen - get out of your bed." (Doggy and Kitty are his imaginary pets)
- The other night at dinner Owen didn't want to eat. His excuse? "My voice is tired."
- We read a lot and it's entertaining to hear Owen use words that he picks up from books. Lately he's been saying, "By and by . . . " and "And so it happened . . . "
- We put together a box for Operation Christmas Child after we talked with Owen about how there are poor children around the world. We showed him a video of a little girl without any toys and how we wanted to do something nice for her. Later that night he said in a very sad voice, "There's little boys with no mommy, no daddy, no toys and no toothbrushes."
- Owen prays specifically. At meal time he will thank God for each item of food by name. One night I made Chicken Parmesan. He didn't know what it was called so he prayed, "Thank you, God for our broccoli, our bread and this stuff."
- He loves to tell stories. One story he told last week started this way, "One day Grandma Glupker told Uncle Michael, 'Michael, go change your clothes, get your gun and get outside.'" I don't know where this came from - I don't think any of the Glupkers even own a gun!
- "Mommy, I sure am glad that God gave me Will." (Will is the little boy I babysit)