Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mini Mama

God made men and women equal in value and worth and both in His image. But He also made us with different roles and functions and I can already see this in the lives of my little ones. My daughter, though she is stubborn and independent, is a nurturer. She likes to take care of things. Let me give you some examples:

- The other day Owen was putting his pants on and stopped in the middle of the process when he got distracted by his tearing fingernail. When Aubrey noticed that his jeans were at his ankles she ran over and grabbed them and pulled them up for him and then tried to button them.
- If she sees a Kleenex she will pick it up and come wipe each of our noses. She even puts one hand on our head to hold us still while she wipes with the other.
- Today we were at an indoor play place when another little girl (around 2.5 years of age) was getting ready to leave. The little girl put her jacket on and left it open. Aubrey went right over to her and grabbed each side of the coat and tried to zip it up for her.
- If she sees socks on the floor she will attempt to put them back on our bare feet.
- When Owen is still sleeping after she wakes up she will go cuddle next to him with her arm around him. She also likes to put her head on his back and lay on him. Sometimes she will scratch his back when he's lying down (as in the picture above).
I hope and pray (every single day!) that my daughter will grow up to be a nurturer who is a great help to her husband and mother to her children! Not only do I want her to be a blessing to her family but I hope she becomes a woman who cares for the needs of those outside her family as well.


Anonymous said...

Too cute, Mrs. Glupker