Friday, December 03, 2010

Aubrey at 15 Months

How is it possible that Aubrey Ann is 15 months old?! She's not really doing anything new except expanding her vocabulary. I don't bother much with signing because when I try to show her a new sign she just says the word. She reminds me so much of Owen at this age - a little chatterbox who looks you in the eye and jabbers like you're supposed to understand every sound.
- She loves to unload the dishwasher - whether the dishes are dirty or clean. She knows how to unlock it so there's really no good way to keep her out of it. She also knows how to turn it on.
- She enjoys helping me with the laundry. After I fold a piece of clean clothing she picks it up and carries it to the nearest dirty clothes basket. She's a real helper.
- She LOVES Mexican food. Chimichangas, enchiladas, taco salad, guacamole, white chicken chili, black beans, refried beans, burritos - she eats all of these dishes. Whether it's cooked with cumin or slathered in salsa she eats it and begs for more.
- She likes most "adult" foods that many toddlers do not like. Any pasta dish, soup, chili, pizza, turkey and gravy, paninis, roast, etc. I'm thankful she's a good eater.
- She likes to throw things away, whether it's trash or not.
- She loves books and if you ever sit on our floor you can expect her to take that as an invitation to grab a book and plop herself into your lap.
- She got her molars!
- She doesn't need a morning nap anymore. If we are home I put her in her crib and she has "rest" time but rarely falls asleep. It's actually nice. I'm glad we are done with the morning nap. I can be gone all morning but if I am home I can still put her down for a break. It's great!
- Every night when I put her to bed I sing to her, pray with her and snuggle her. And just before I lay her down she touches my nose and says, "Mama nose." It's so funny to me that she does this every night. Then when I lay her down she says, "love you."
- She is into everything! She is so unlike Owen at this age, in many ways. But she is a walking tornado roaming from room to room to find things to tear apart. She'll empty her toy box, and then move over to the puzzles. She'll take out every puzzle piece and then go to her shoes. She'll take down several shoes and then go to the bathroom. She'll empty the drawers and cupboards in the bathroom and then head to my room where she gets into Ben's sock drawer. Next she moves to the living room. She'll grab several of Ben's books off the shelves and then go to the entertainment center. She'll remove several DVDs from the cupboard and then make her way to the ONE basket of toys the kids are allowed to have in the living room. She'll empty the basket and then go to the refrigerator. She'll take down all of the magnets to her Leap Frog game and then go to the kitchen cupboards. She'll take out my pots and pans and carry them back to her bedroom. And then when I have things cleaned up again she'll repeat the process. Needless to say, she keeps me busy.
- She is a little housekeeper (see picture below) and likes to help me with all of my household chores. Let's hope that before long she clean up all of the messes I just described above!


Kiert said...

I had to laugh because she sounds just like Talia at that age! Whenever Benjamin was quiet as a baby I knew he was just serenely "reading" a book. Whenever Talia was out world!

Diana Oedy said...

I think every kid is like that at this age, Lana got into everything, Nathan likes to too. I think it is curiosity, but they learn quick what is ok and isn't ok to get into.